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World war II: the War in the Pacific (Part 15)

10 november 2016, 18:44

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From late 1942 to early 1945 the allied forces fought against Japan throughout the Pacific ocean and on the beaches of tiny Islands. By the end of 1942, the Japanese Empire reached its maximum size of its troops were everywhere from India to Alaska and on Islands in the South Pacific ocean. The U.S. Navy under Admiral Chester Nimitz chose a strategy of shots from one island to another attack directly to the Imperial Japanese Navy. The aim was to establish control over the strategically important Islands and to establish a foothold from which bombers could strike at Japan. The Japanese defending the island fought desperately sometimes turning into a suicidal counter-attacks allies and causing significant losses. At sea submarines and kamikaze pilots attacked the US fleet but still failed to stop its progress. By early 1945 U.S. forces were already 500 km from the main Islands of Japan and occupied Okinawa and Iwo Jima. Only on Okinawa during the fighting has killed 100,000 Japanese 12 510 Americans and from 42 000 to 150 000 civilians. After the capture of these Islands in 1945, following the progress of the US forces was a blow to the metropolis of the Japanese Empire. Other parts of issues about the Second world war can be seen HERE Only a 45 photo 1. Four Japanese transport hit American ships and planes landed on the shore of Tassafaronga and burn 16 Nov 1942, West of positions on Guadalcanal. These transports were part of the assault team which tried to strike the island between the 13th and 14th of November and was completely destroyed by the fire of coastal and naval artillery and aircraft. AP Photo 2. Under cover of the tank of the American soldiers are moving through the Bougainville, Solomon Islands March 1944 hunting down Japanese forces night advanced them to the rear. AP Photo 3. Torpedoed Japanese destroyer Hamakaze. Photo through the periscope of the American submarine Nautilus on 25 June 1942. The destroyer sank five minutes after the hit there were no survivors. AP PhotoU.S. Navy 4. American reconnaissance in the jungles of New Guinea on 18 December 1942. Lieutenant Philip Wilson lost a Shoe while crossing the river and made a replacement out of a piece of turf and belts from the backpack. AP PhotoEd Widdis 5. The corpses of Japanese soldiers included in the calculation of the mortar is partially buried in the sand. Guadalcanal Solomon Islands August 1942. AP Photo 6. A canadian soldier looks at a typical landscape of the island of New Guinea in the Bay of Milna where shortly before that, the Australians repulsed the Japanese attack. AP Photo 7. Japanese torpedo planes and bombers barely touching the water come to attack American ships and transports on 25 September 1942. AP Photo 8. 24 August 1942 U.S. aircraft carrier enterprise has sustained heavy damage from the attacks of Japanese bombers. A few

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