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Soviet, German and American armored vehicles of the Second world war

10 november 2016, 18:45

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How evolved armored vehicles of the Second world war That represented the Soviet tanks enemies and allies In what direction were the German makers of armored vehicles and Russian These questions are of interest not only the General reader but many professionals studying this period. The main representative of armored vehicles is a tank through which had won many important battles. Tank classification was not formed overnight. Especially in the period between the two world wars the concept of the use of these vehicles has changed. To create a unique armored vehicles able to operate in different climatic conditions at various locations and for a variety of tasks is a very difficult task. So first of all when you create a tank based on the need of this type of weapon, the conditions of its application and be sure to take into account economic factors i.e. the ability of the state to spend a certain amount. It is necessary to emphasize that in different countries the classification of the tank was different, and to some extent was conditional. For example in the Soviet Union, she pointed at the combat weight of the machine and largely on its purpose. In Germany, at the forefront was the caliber of the weapon. In the UK division of armored vehicles were made at its fundamental purpose. In the thirties there have been fundamental changes in the combat use of tanks. This led to the fact that they have evolved from purely a support tool one of the main striking force of ground troops. By carrying out theoretical research in the use of armored vehicles of very large quantities of exercise experts have identified that by concentrating tanks in a certain area, you can use them to solve some of the operational tasks. German armored vehicles of world war II at the beginning of 1939 had already put in a whole tank group. Then in Germany there were several types of tanks. Their designation was used rather complicated letter abbreviation PzKnfw but the literal translation is - armored fighting vehicle. The first tank put into service by the Nazi Germany became an easy T1. With a length of about 4 meters combat weight was 54 tons. She had bulletproof armor with the thickness of the sheets 6 to 13 millimeters. The tower was equipped with two machine guns, the crew consisted of two people. Maximum road speed was 37 miles per hour and cross country - about 20. The other type of tank in the German army was T2. IN many ways he was similar to T1 but had more powerful weapons and the crew consisted of three people. T1 and T2 had a few modifications. Mainly they were different chassis

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