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So, in 1935

10 november 2016, 18:44

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So in 1935 to test out the first prototype of the combat vehicle CTVL characteristics equal wedges. Took the advanced tractor chassis with four road wheels assembled in one of two carts support rollers and front sprocket. It established the armored box of a simple form which housed a crew of 2 persons. Armament consisted of two machine guns coursework caliber 762 mm with limited angles of fire. This tank became interested in the Mexican government as CTVL was not expensive to operate. After a short negotiation for Mexico were collected four wedgies which were delivered in 1938, About the exploitation of information a little but it CTVL deserved here the title of the short tank in the world. On the Mexican army, they remained about five years until they were replaced by the M5 Stewart. Almost simultaneously with the CTVL was released a better light tank CTL-1 Combat Tank Light. Exterior design and chassis have undergone some changes not much impact on performance characteristics. At 110-horsepower engine Lincoln tank could reach speeds of only 30 mph. Booking amounted to 4-10 mm, the armament and crew has not changed. The weight of the tank 4071 kg. Again large series it was not built and the only model CTL-1 was sold in Persia. Unexpected attention to the crafts firms Marmon Herrington drew Marine Corps US Marines. For training technical personnel and tank crews in 1936, was purchased five tanks modification CTL-3 in 1937, followed by five tanks CTL-3A and in 1939, several CTL-6. From the previous model they are virtually identical except that CTL-6 is used the chassis of light tank M2. Actually at this moment the interest from the USMC to them completely gone but that did not mean that Marmon Herrington ceased to develop tanks. As expected it was the principle foreigners will help us. In 1940 was disrupted deliveries of British tanks intended for the Dutch East Indies. To the distant Dutch colonies was intended for the Vickers light tanks which were confiscated by the British authorities and was subsequently used for training crews. Since it was created a real threat even to remain without tanks the Dutch started cooperation with the firm Marmon-Herrington which was not involved in the rearmament program of the us army and therefore they had the free production capacities. For export were selected tank CTL-6 that has been modified in accordance with the requirements of the customer. First Dutch representatives did not like the weak arms and the principle of its location. Course machine guns left but at the same time established a small tower with

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