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10 november 2016, 18:45

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Let's look at the history of the first world war was preceded by a 2 powerful of the global economic crisis. 19001903 1907 and the Crisis of 1900-1903 was generally the first global crisis in the history of imperialism. Although the decline in production was then insignificant 23% but it covered almost all European countries, USA and Russia which proceeded especially hard line with crop failure. Failing to properly get out of this crisis of European imperialist countries landed in the second economic crisis which was much more severe drop in production was reached, then 5-15%. The consequence of these crises that started between the imperialist division of the world countries on the European continent. Contradictions are resolved in the form of world war on the battlefields, which killed more than 10 million soldiers and 55 million were wounded. Also killed about 12 million civilians. World war II was also preceded by two powerful global economic crisis of 19291933 years called the Great depression and the global economic crisis of 1937 which the General public knows less but which was no less strong. The result was the largest war in human history, it was attended by 61 countries from the 73 that existed at the time. In the countries participating in the war lived then 80% of the world population. The fighting took place on three continents in 40 States and the waters of the four oceans. This is the only military conflict of human history in which it was to use nuclear weapons. Historians still cannot count exactly how many people died in world war II. In the world you sounded different numbers first it was about 50 million dead then began to talk about the 70 million number and now this number even more. For example the huge losses incurred such as Asia from the effects of war and outbreaks against this background, it is simply impossible to calculate precisely. But thanks to this terrible world wars there was the emergence of the US as a superpower. Here is what Leonid Mlechin in the article, On the crest of a wave for Centuries, Europe has occupied a dominant position in the world. The decisions of the European powers depended on the whole world. The first world war was a European disaster. In the meat grinder of the war killed the best intellectual forces of the continent. The endured sufferings was the bigger and more unexpected that they were preceded by centuries of a pleasant feeling of continuous progress. The first world has deprived Europe of confidence and caused universal disappointment that defined the mood of Western society for decades. On the contrary, the United States became a superpower. Came to the fore of world politics and pushing winners and losers. And

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