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In the period between the two world wars have created several different strategies of combat actions.

10 november 2016, 18:44

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In the period between the two world wars have created several different strategies of warfare. According to one of them in the future it will clearly show its effectiveness in the main shock means the army was supposed to be the tanks. Thanks to the combination of running and firing qualities as well as with good protection, this technique was able to crack the enemy's defenses and quickly move into the enemy positions with minor losses. The only class of weapons that could deal with the armored vehicles were artillery. However, a large firepower she had a lack of mobility. Needed something with good performance and armor penetration and sufficient mobility. A compromise between these two things became anti-tank self-propelled artillery.First popytki the United States the creation of a self-propelled anti-tank guns began almost immediately after the First World war. Though the then ACS was unsuccessful about any adopting of the question. About the subject of anti-tank self-propelled guns only remembered in the mid-thirties. As the experiment was a modified 37-mm field gun of its caliber increased by 10 mm. Wheel device and carriage has been redesigned so that the instrument can be put in a makeshift cabin on the chassis of the M2 light tank. The car was original and as it seemed the creators are promising. However, the first tests have shown the inconsistency produced by the alteration of the gun. The fact that the increase in caliber resulted in a decrease in the relative length of the barrel which ultimately affected the initial velocity of the projectile and the maximum thickness punctured armor. About self-propelled artillery again was forgotten. Another variant of self-propelled artillery systems on the basis of the M18 was named 90 mm Gun Motor Carrier M18. From the original armored Hellcat he was distinguished by a new tower with 90-mm gun M1. Tower with weapons and other equipment with virtually no changes have been borrowed from ACS M36. However, just need to rearrange the units on the new chassis failed. The strength of the chassis M18 was less than the M36 which had to use a number of measures. To prevent damage to chassis gun equipped with muzzle brake and modified recoil her device. On the hull of an updated M18 had to install a support for the barrel on which he relied in the stowed position. All constructive changes have led to a noticeable increase in combat weight and specific pressure on the ground. The continued patency of the combat vehicle 90 mm GMC M18 got a track on the tracks of greater width.The set of characteristics

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