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American Jews require French Railways apologies for participating in the Holocaust

10 november 2016, 18:43

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About the struggle of prisoners of concentration camps for their rights, reports the Washington Post. All I want is for the company stated the following: We did something bad, something inhuman. We sent people to death. I want justice to prevail, - said the publication of one of the survivors of Leo Bretholz. During the Second world war, the French state rail company SNCF participated in the delivery of the Jews and other prisoners in the concentration camps of the so-called death camps. Of the 76 thousand prisoners who were transported to concentration camps by the cars this company survived only 2 thousand. The statement of Bretholz and other survivors has become particularly relevant in light of recent reports that the American railway company a large part of which is owned by SNCF intends to participate in the tender for the construction and maintenance of a rail line in the U.S. state of Maryland. The contract is valued at $6 billion, the newspaper said. Bretholz called to remove a company from participation in the contest until the SNCF will not bring an official apology. He and other prisoners of the camps insist on compensation for the involuntary passengers of the Railways. In asserting the rights of prisoners of the camps and their descendants point to the Japanese precedent. Some time ago representatives of Tokyo apologized to the prisoners of the internment camps of Americans and compensation from the Japanese government in the amount of $20 thousand

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