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47. Turning the us into a superpower after the Second world war. A new international organization. Beginning of the cold war.

10 november 2016, 18:43

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Second world war contributed to the growth economic power of the United States. Clean the profits of American corporations increased during the war three times. Especially succeeded largest monopoly that received the best military orders. 100 largest corporations in the U.S. accounted for 70% of total product manufacturing industry. World US economic superiority was undeniable. At the end of the war, the United States belonged to 60 % of world industrial production 70% of merchant Navy and about 74 % civil aviation around the world. This time in the United States centered around 80 % of gold reserves and about 60 % silver the capitalist of the world1. The second world war strengthened the process the concentration of production. Specific the weight of the largest enterprises with the number workers to 2,500 people reached almost half of all American businesses. The first post-war budget 8 times exceeded the last pre-war. After Bretton woods conference, the dollar became the main currency of international calculations and this in turn contributed to the creation of an overvalued dollar and the growth of invisible foreign exchange Empire. Development military business in the United States and the subsequent shortly after the war the arms race led to the formation in the United States the military-industrial complex military-industrial complex which is a special Association various groups of the ruling class of the USA sharing a common interest in the continuous to build up their military costs and extract the maximum profits as well as economic and political benefits from the military business. The main components of the MIC are large industrial, military and financial corporations producing military weapons the Ministry and a number of state and political organizations. All major direct internal and external US policy has been developed and was carried out here. Possessing tremendous means they could give you presidents, senators, Ministers etc. War turned the US into a superpower. But the country did not have the military traditions and victories which exalted her as a military power. Moreover, during the first two years of the second world war, the US did not take participation in the fighting in 1942 and 1943 he fought not too successful at the periphery of the European front. Success accompanied US in the Pacific but a large part of Japanese army was concentrated in China. Crack in relations between the USSR and the West mainly USA formed at the end of the war in the postwar years constantly expanding. New international organization Second the role and importance after the state actor of international relations are international organization MO. First MO appeared in the early and mid-nineteenth century. It was the Central Commission for shipping on

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